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Seamless Pattern

. A simple GH definition that mimics the Escher patterns process.
Seamless pattern_Co-de-iT_GH080066.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v0.8.0066)

DiY Architectural Dialogue machine.

i did a GH def to sort random strings from several lists of data in order
to do an architectural dialogue machine.
DiY Arch Dialogue.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v0.8.0010)


a simple GH definition to import a Blender3D geometry using the export .PLY file format
Blender2GH_blender.zip < Blender3D file (for Blender3D 2.57b)
Blender2GH_PLY.zip < export .PLY file
Blender2GH_GH_def.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v0.8.0010)
Blender2GH_tutorial.zip < Tutorial (PDF file)


Random hexagonal based pattern generator
Hexachaos_Co-de-iT_GH080010.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v0.8.0010)

Uneven Subdivision.
Uneven subdivision of a NURBS surface, controlled by random intervals.
Uneven Subdivision_Co-de-iT_GH08004.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v0.8.0004)

Complete Diagrid.

Diagrid definition that covers the whole surface, up to the edges.
Complete Diagrid_Co-de-iT_GH06059.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0059)

Phyllotaxis growth.

Phyllotaxis variation working on variables with a few changes of the values “i” in the math formula of spiral: x= cos(i), y=sin(i), z=i
phyllotaxis growth_Co-de-iT_GH06057.rar< Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0057)


Phyllotaxis 2D pattern.
phyllotaxis_Co-de-iT_GH06057.rar< Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0057)

Curvature analysis pattern.

This definition subdivides a surface into a quadrangular panels, plots a circle or a closed spline(similar to an ellipse) with center in the centroid of each panels, scale the radius dimension trough a numeric values extrapolated from the curvature analisys of the input surface.
curvature analysis pattern_Co-de-iT_GH06057.rar < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0057)

Attractors vector deformation.

The complex structure of radiolaria was treated as a two-dimensional representation with a hexagonal pattern. Two points control the deformation of individual cells that make structure through a transformation of vectors connecting the vertices of the single cell with the point. The deformation of the grid can be caused by an attraction or a repulsion generated by attractor points.
attractors vector deformation_Co-de-iT_GH0657.rar < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0057)

Image field04.

Investigation on the potentiality of numerical field generated by a source image. The height of one ellipse control point is linked with grayscale value of the image generating parametric variations in the starting flatten pattern.
IMAGE FIELD04_Co-de-iT_GH06057.rar < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0057)

Pie chart.

A definition that draws a percentage pie chart from a list of values (random values are used here but you can plug any list of values including external data).
Pie chart_Co-de-iT_GH06059.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0059)

Panels dispatch
This definition allows you to tessellate a surface with two different panel types dispatched through random sorting.
Panels dispatch_Co-de-iT_GH06019.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0019)

Quad 2 diagrid

This definition allows you to tessellate a surface and smoothly transform the tessellation from a quadrangular to a diagrid pattern.
Quad 2 diagrid_Co-de-iT_GH06019.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0019)
Quad 2 diagrid_Co-de-iT_3dm.zip < 3dm Rhinoceros file

Hexagonal field
A magnetic field applyed to an hexagonal grid ruled by 4 points that can be switched (attractors or repulsors).
Hexagonal field_Co-de-iT_GH06019.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0019)
Hexagonal field_Co-de-iT_3dm.zip < 3dm Rhinoceros file

Tatami-Cairo-Diagrid tessellation
This definition allows you to tessellate a surface going smoothly from tatami tessellation to diagrid through Cairo tessellation.
T-C-D_Co-de-iT_GH06019.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0019)

Curve driver

This definition allows you to control geometry properties (curvature radius) through a control curve.
Curve driver_Co-de-iT_GH06019.zip < Grasshopper definition (for GH v06.0019)
Curve driver_Co-de-iT_3dm.zip < 3dm Rhinoceros file


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